My Account FAQ

My Account FAQ

Why Should I Create and Manage an Account?
As soon as you create your Account, you'll enjoy faster, easier checkout. You'll have instant access to your Order History and Order Status. You'll get to set up and share your own personal Favorites List. Champion Account Members Enjoy Free Standard Shipping on every order plus $5 expedited shipping.

How Do I Create an Account?
It's fast and easy! Click the “Sign In ” link at the top of the page. Then simply fill out the form and click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT.”

Rest assured, all the information you provide is safe and secure with us. For details, see our Privacy Statement, which you can reach via the “Privacy Policy” link at the bottom of every page.

What If I've Forgotten My Password?
If you don't remember your password, it's easy to get a new one. Simply click "Forgot My Password" on the Sign In page. We will email you a special link so you can quickly create a new password.

How Do I Manage My Account?
If you already have an Account, sign in, then simply click “My Account” at the top of any page. You will go to the My Account page. Here you can update, edit, and correct your Account information. You can change your password, change your ship-to addresses, edit your personal information, and more. Plus, you can view your online Order History and view (or edit) your personal Favorites List.

What About My Address Book?
You can enter and store multiple ship-to addresses, so you will have them handy during the checkout process (U.S. addresses only). Simply click the link for “Update My Addresses” under My Account. Then enter the addresses you'd like us to keep on file ... to help make shopping even faster and easier.

Can I Change My Password?
You may change your password any time you wish, for any reason. Just go to My Account, click on "update my profile" and update your information.

What Is My Order History? How Do I Use It?
Your Order History gives you information on orders you have placed with us online and shipped to a U.S. address while you were signed into your account. It lets you see your order status at a glance, so you can quickly reorder your favorites. Order history for purchases at include orders placed since 2/4/2020.

What Is My Favorites? How Do I Put Items Into It?
My Favorites is your personal record of your favorite products. Keep your personal favorite list for yourself or share it with friends and family, so they'll know what you want for birthdays, holidays, or anytime!

It's easy to use! Simply click the "Save to My Favorites” link whenever you find an item you like. The product will automatically be added to your personal Favorites List.

To share your personal Favorites List with friends, go to View My Favorites and click the "Share Your Favorites" button.

NOTE: Items in your personal Favorites List remain there until you remove them. However, they are not reserved (as in a layaway program). So, if you want to make sure you obtain an item — especially when supplies are limited — you may prefer to order right away.

How does Champion store my credit card information?
Champion does not store your credit card number. When you first save your credit card to your Champion account, we immediately send your credit card number to our payment processing vendor. That vendor stores and protects your credit card information in its secure data centers. In return, Chsampion receives a unique identifier called a "token" from the vendor and stores it in your account. This token doesn't contain your sensitive credit card number, and only represents your credit card to our vendor. The card number can't be reverse engineered from the token, and the token is meaningless to third parties. Using tokens makes your payments more secure because your credit card information resides in only one place—our vendor's secure data centers.

If Champion doesn't store my card information, how are my payments processed?
When you make a purchase using a stored credit card, Champion sends our payment processing vendor the "token" that we have on file for your payment method. Our vendor then uses that token to pull up your credit card information and securely process your payment. The use of tokens eliminates the need for Champion to send your credit card information to our payment processor each time you make a purchase. This helps us protect your credit card information from interception while in transit and improves the security of your Champion account.

What is a CVV number, and why do I still need to enter it at checkout after I have stored a credit card in my account?
CVV numbers are three or four digit security codes displayed on your credit card. They are an anti–fraud security feature that helps verify that you are in possession of your credit card at the time of a purchase. Our payment processing vendor does not store CVV numbers (and neither does Hanes), so we collect them at each transaction as an additional security measure.