November 21, 2018

Why Reverse Weave® Has Endured For 80 Years

From college teams to street culture, Champion Reverse Weave® is woven into how we work and play. The colors may change, but the spirit of Reverse Weave endures. As we celebrate 80 iconic years, Reverse Weave continues to set the standard for authentic American Athleticwear.

Reverse Weave Anniversary

Built on 80 years of inspiration and innovation for athletes, the Reverse Weave sweatshirt has stood the test of time as one of athleticwear’s true icons. Originally patented in 1938, Champion pioneered the Reverse Weave fleece sweatshirt as an alternative to practice gear that shrank and wasn’t very durable. Coaches and athletes alike loved the cotton-rich, heavyweight fleece. Not only sturdy and comfortable, it stood up to repeated washings and soon became standard issue for athletes everywhere. The famous Reverse Weave Hood soon joined the line-up and cemented Champion’s place in sportswear history. Champion created the hooded sweatshirt to keep athletes warm on the sidelines. The double-layer hood and front pouch pocket were stitched onto our original sweatshirt and the legendary hoodie we love to wear was born.

They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore, But We Do

Simple in its design, but perfect in its execution, Reverse Weave utilized a revolutionary design technique that turned the fabric 90 degrees to eliminate vertical shrinkage and ensure a fit that stayed true after washing. Champion continued to improve the design and in 1952 added the signature vertical expandable gussets to Reverse Weave sweatshirts and sweatpants for freedom of movement and better fit.

Reverse Weave Anniversary Reverse Weave Anniversary
The Big Sweatshirt On Campus

Reverse Weave started as an athletic staple but soon became a collegiate institution. Champion was at the forefront of embellished sweatshirts and perfected the flocking process. College campuses embraced the authenticity of Champion and licensed Reverse Weave sweats became a mainstay in college bookstores. The addition of the classic C logo to every sweatshirt came to symbolize the love of sport and mark of a champion.

Collegiate Insitution College wear
Seen On The Street

Activewear exploded into pop culture in the 70’s and Reverse Weave has been at the forefront of emerging street-culture communities ever since. Influential members from hip hop to skaters to artists wear Reverse Weave and embrace its authenticity. Superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge design continue to elevate our classic Reverse Weave to streetwear icons.

Champion Reverse Weave pop culture