September 5, 2018

Finding the Best Sports Bra for Your Body

For 40 years, we've made it our passion to support women and their love of sport. Understanding the science behind support is really about selecting a sports bra that bans the bounce and reduces motion. We'll take the mystery out of finding the right sport bra and the level of support you need for your activity.

Sportsbra History

Choose Your Support Level Based On Activity

Since different sports or training require different levels of support, it's important to choose the right sports bra based on the activity level of your workout. Champion moderate support sports bra are ideal for low-impact workouts like yoga, cycling, studio and gym workouts. Look for sports bras from The Infinity or The Authentic collections. These sports bras are made of ultra soft fabrics with minimal seams to prevent chafing. They're designed to stretch and follow your every move. For moderate support and additional shaping, go for The Curvy. The shaping cups and v-neckline create a curvier look, while the mesh racerback gives you targeted ventilation.

If you're pushing your limits with workouts like running, cardio, cross training, field or court sports you'll want to choose a Champion maximum support sports bra. With high-intensity activities your sports bra should decrease motion by at least half. It's important that it fits snug without constraining. Most Champion maximum support sports bras have molded cups which help encapsulate and stabilize breasts. This is a must for women wearing a C cup or larger. Molded cups and shaping seams also create a more natural shape. The Ultra Light Max and The Smoother come in cup and band sizes and feature shaping seams for the ultimate in fit flexibility....

Fit always comes first, but it's good to look for sports bras that address problem areas. The Show-Off collection delivers maximum support with cups that also prevent the dreaded show-through. Our Spot Comfort® sports bra shapes with the added bonus of gel-infused straps.

To really keep motion to a minimum, choose a compression sports bra with full coverage cups. Compression sports bras from The Absolute Workout collection, The Absolute Max and The Absolute Zip check all the boxes for support and motion control. These moderate and maximum support styles have a snug fit designed to control bounce.

Selecting the Best Strap Style

Once you've picked up the type of support you require, you'll want to decide what strap style works best for you. Racerback straps are the most popular style because they stay in place. Wider straps or gel straps reduce shoulder pressure or "dig-in". There are more strap choices than ever, such as sports bras with convertible straps. A small hook between the straps lets you choose between traditional, racerback or strappy depending on what feels comfortable. The Distance Underwire offers max support and several strap options. For the latest strappy back sports bras, try The Infinity and The Absolute Shape collections, The Curvy Strappy and The Curvy X-Back.

Racer Back Bra

Choosing Pullover vs. Back Close

Another choice you'll need to make to get the right sports bra is deciding on pullover versus hook and eye back close. Champion pullover sports bras typically have a racerback or T-back. This strap stretches and allows full range of movement.

If you are a C cup or larger, you might find the traditional back hook closure sports bras work better. Back hook closure bras let you tighten the band. Since 70 percent of a bra's support comes from the band it's important to have this fit flexibility. The Spot Comfort®, The Ultra Light Max, The Distance Underwire and The Smoother help you customize your fit with the band and cup size that's right for you.

Getting the Right Fit

After you've picked out the support level, the strap style, pullover or back close, the last step for choosing the correct sports bra is getting the right fit. A sports bra that's too loose can’t support or control motion, and one that's too tight keeps you from focusing on your training. To get the right fit, the straps shouldn't dig into your shoulders, the cups should fully cover your breasts, and the band should rest flat against your ribcage.

When you keep these important factors in mind, you'll be able to select the right sports bra so you feel comfortable and confident during any workout.