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Champion Authentic Cotton 9-Inch Men's Shorts with Pockets
$20.00 $14.99
Champion Long Mesh Men's Shorts with Pockets
$25.00 $17.99
Champion Life® Reverse Weave™ Cut-Off Shorts
Champion Men's Cross Train Shorts
$20.00 $14.99
Champion Men's Heritage Fleece Shorts, Letterman Leg
$35.00 $21.99
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Champion Life® Men's Reverse Weave™ Custom Bleach Splatter Shorts
Champion Men's Vintage Dye Fleece Camo Shorts, Felt C Logo
$40.00 $33.99
Champion Life® Men's Rec Mesh Shorts
Champion Men's Phys. Ed. Shorts
$40.00 $33.99
Champion Men's Power Flex Solid Compression Shorts 6-inch
$25.00 $17.99
Champion Power Flex™ Men’s Compression Shorts 9-inch
$25.00 $17.99
Core Champion Men's Basketball Shorts
$30.00 $21.99
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Men's Athletic Shorts

- Champion has been a leader in athletic apparel since 1919. Our men's workout clothes help you train in comfort with no distractions. Whether you need men's shorts that manage moisture, compression shorts for training or the famous comfort of our jersey shorts, we've got you covered.